Biol 252 Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates (Howard University)

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Lecture 1 - Course Introduction and Overview of Evolution

Lecture 2 - Vertebrate Phylogeny Part 1



SICB 2018 - "A laboratory exercise for Physiology and Comparative Anatomy teaching that leverages the power of 3D printing"


Marine Biology Field Course Faculty (Shoals Marine Laboratory)


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Lecturer (Northeastern University)

Biol 1117 - Integrated Anatomy and Physiology 1


First-Year Writing Seminar Instructor (Cornell University)

BioEE1640 Exploring Form and Function In Vertebrates (2012)


Teaching Assistant (Cornell University)

BIOEE1780: Evolutionary Biology and Diversity (2010-2013)

BIOEE2740: The Vertebrates: Structure, Function & Evolution  (2011-2015)


Marine Biology Field Courses - Teaching Assistant (Shoals Marine Laboratory and Friday Harbor Laboratories)

BIOL533: Functional Morphology and Ecology of Fishes (2014, FHL)

BIOSM 3210: Anatomy & Function of Marine Vertebrates (2010-2013, SML)

BIOSM 1610: Ecology & the Marine Environment (2011, SML)

BIOSM 4650: Sharks: Biology, Evolution, & Conservation (2010, SML)


Stacy (right) with students from anatomy and Function of Marine Vertebrates

Stacy (right) with students from anatomy and Function of Marine Vertebrates